Takeovercode.com has been selected in Top 100 Small Business of the Year 2010 by Franchising world Magazine.

Pavan Kumar Vijay

Pavan Kumar Vijay, Founder, Takeover Code

Takeover Code shines out with its innovative solutions in legal consultancy for solving the intricacies of Takeover Code regulations.

Franchise India Media (FIM): Tell us something about takeovercode.com. What is your modus-operandi?
Pavan Kumar Vijay (PKV): Takeovercode is a revolutionary innovation for the solutions of complexities involved in the Takeover Regulation. This portal has been developed for providing online solutions to the intricacies of takeover code, 1997.

Advanced search engines to facilitate you with a variety of search options, brief and summarizing synopsis of all legal judgements of Takeover Regulations, up to date minute inventory of all open offers with concise synopsis, exclusive zone for the execution of the each assignment and personalised sections are the key highlights of takeovercode.com.

Basically, it is based on “80:20 Theory” which says professionals should devote 80% of their precious time on intellectual works and spend only 20% on the procedural and manual works whereas the practical scenario is quite opposite. Our model will reduce the procedural and manual work and provide an aid in preparing acquisition strategies.

FIM: Where did you get the funding from?
PKV : The entire funding for starting the company as well as for converting it into successful business ventures was financed from our own funds. We did not borrow money from outside sources.

FIM: How long did it take you to break even?
PKV : It has been more than 2 years since the launch of takeovercode.com and during this period, we have crossed the stage of break even.

FIM: What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far and what was the strategy you implemented to deal with it?
PKV : The biggest challenge that I had faced in the past was to influence my team as well as the outside corporate world about the use of Information Technology in the legal sphere also which will help in the implementation of 80:20 theory i.e. devotion of 80% of the precious time on intellectual works and spending only 20% of the time on the procedural and manual works.

FIM: How was the experience of hiring first employee, building a team for takeovercode.com?
PKV : The idea being new was previously viewed by the professionals as a threat to them and required huge efforts to convince them but not anymore. The success of this venture has removed all doubts and it is being well acclaimed by all. Today, my team comprises of all young and dynamic professionals from the legal and financial fields such Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants.

FIM: What have been the key marketing and brand building strategies for your business?
PKV : Albeit, the concept of our business model being new and innovative required huge marketing efforts to educate the investors about the laws as well as the online solutions, nonetheless, our first step towards the launch of Takeovercode.com has given us an opportunity to be established as a brand .

FIM: What is the growth plan in the next three years?
PKV : To make it an innovative business model rendering services through the blend of Techno and Legal Sphere i.e. to provide services in every sphere in which the organization is involved through the utilization of Information Technology.

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